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Welcome to Gully's Grill.  Gully's Grill is a Jamaican food truck located in East Memphis, TN. In addition to our many other flavorful, authentic Jamaican dishes, we are most known for our delicious jerk chicken and golden festival bread. We first started our journey in the food business back in 2015.  In 2015, we sold only Jerk chicken and festival bread to a small group of people in the Hickory Hill neighborhood; this all came about from a vision my mother and I shared.  She always told me she wanted a restaurant, and I can rememeber her face lit up with so much excitement after visiting Memphis, TN.  She was beyond elated to see that her son was now apart of the food industry.  She saw her son grilling jerk chicken on the side of the road in Hickory Hill, and from there her vision began to expand to wanting to help her son open up a Jamaican Restaurant in the Shelby County area.  She saw so much more; my mother spoke life into me and into our vision.  My mother and I decided to venture out in the Memphis area in search for a restaurant building, but ultimately her health failed her, and our dream was put on hold.I had to take some time off because we lost the matriarch of our family, In 2020 we launch our very first food truck business called Gullys Grill and now we are continuously building.

                                       We thank you guys for your support!!